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Nothing is more precious than a healthy child. I love working with children and often give newborns their first B.E.S.T. balance soon after birth. Some would say that the most traumatic experience you may ever have is just being born. Because the infant B.E.S.T. treatment is totally non-forceful and gentle, it is appropriate for anyone, at any age. Regular check-ups keep a child balanced and healthy.

For children with health issues, often the best way to help the child is by addressing the parent’s anxiety. It is totally natural that the parent of a sick child would be experiencing great anxiety. Most parents are not aware that there is a subconscious emotional bond between a parent and a child, especially with the mom. The child went from one cell to a fully developed baby over about nine months in the mother’s “energy field.” The child “feels” subconsciously what the parent feels. This “connection” continues after birth. If the child senses a mother’s anxiety, it “distracts” the intelligence running its body, and healing can be suppressed. We frequently demonstrate this phenomenon and help parents understand how to best support their child’s healing potential.

Everyone, regardless of condition, has a potential to be healthy. Until they’re old enough to make good choices, children depend upon their parents for guidance. I am dedicated to teaching people, regardless of age, how to make lifestyle choices that allow health to be the natural outcome. Health is not just the absence of disease. It is also an inner sense of peace and well-being. That is why B.E.S.T. addresses the emotional as well as the physical aspects of health. — Dr. Robert Sones

In his teaching on “Synchrodestiny,” Deepak Chopra made the point that the Russians were much more advanced in their understanding of consciousness. During the Cold War, when they had a submarine on the opposite side of the globe, deep in the ocean that they could not communicate with by radio or satellite, they knew what to do.

Before the vessel left port they would take a mother cat on board that had recently given birth to kittens. When they wanted the sub to surface and receive a transmission, they would put one of the kittens “under distress.” The mother cat KNEW and reacted.

That was the signal to surface. This “communication” is not limited by time or distance, and is instantaneous. All mothers have a subconscious connection with their child. Many fathers do also, but to a lesser extent.

To Mothers: Close your eyes and put your mind on the memory of the first time you held a newborn in your arms and looked into his or her face. The feeling you likely felt traveling up your spine is a vibration and a frequency of Unconditional Love. It is also an example of the mind-body connection. You just gave your immune system a healthy boost.

Why did you have this feeling? It is because human babies require nurture to survive. If mothers didn’t have this feeling, their babies would be less likely to survive. Children are very resilient. They have a lot of healing potential because they haven’t been making poor choices in “The Six Essentials for Life” for as long as adults.

Being aware of these concepts allows a parent to consciously support their child’s healing potential. As always, knowledge is power!

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What Our Patients Say

From Martha von Burg:

I wanted to thank you and share my experience from the results I obtained from the B.E.S.T. treatments I received from you. As a 42-year-old pregnant woman for the second time and expecting the first delivery, I was very nervous and anxious about the health of the baby and the delivery. I am so glad I took the initiative to come see you as I felt the immediate results of peace and well being after the first treatment. I was able to continue with my work, social life, and pregnancy without fear or worry about any complications. I also started to incorporate the Juice Plus supplements to my diet, which I believe had plenty to do with the healthy I baby delivered. My beautiful baby girl had no complications and none of the newborn maladies such as jaundice or the others. My milk came in on the fourth day and has been flowing abundantly to satisfy the baby, who surpassed her birth weight by 10 ounces in two weeks.

I also wanted to thank you for introducing me to the device to control and stabilize breathing, which helped me deal with the anxiety during my cesarean surgery. I was able to refocus my thoughts and attention to my breathing that helped me relax and not worry about the surgery. It was just great to see you after the surgery and the first treatment on the baby has gone a long way. She is a relaxed, happy and good baby.

Your consultations were something I looked forward to attending, as it was a time to eliminate anxiety, worries, and refocus my thinking to all the gifts and Blessings. Thank you for all you did for my baby and me.

From Kim Graham:

Dr. Sones came to the hospital for most of my labor! I was balanced after several hard contractions and it was amazing what that did for the intensity of the pain, not to mention the mental comfort and support. Once I was balanced, I knew that my baby and I were safe. Nature would take care of the rest.

A few hours later, I had a beautiful baby boy in my arms. Dr. Sones was able to come back right away and balance my newborn, only 4 hours old! Dr. Sones had balanced my husband and I before conception and during the pregnancy. This is my second B.E.S.T. baby and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now I know there is no better testimonial than TWO healthy children. We are forever grateful to have this in our lives and look forward to raising our children the B.E.S.T. way possible.