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When a woman is having difficulty conceiving, both the physical and emotional aspects must be addressed. A medical doctor will focus on the physical body. Dr. Sones is trained to recognize and address the emotional connection to the body’s reproductive capability.

Psycho-neuro-physiology refers to how the mind affects the nervous system and thus how the body is functioning. Couples can be taught how to think, consciously, in ways that enhance the possibility of conception instead of unconsciously blocking it. While no guarantee of success is ever possible, a number of women have come to Dr. Sones with fertility challenges and they now have healthy babies.

Most fertility specialists would agree that when it comes to infertility, the emotional aspect is critical and can be difficult to deal with.

It is important to understand how anxiety, or any fear-based emotion, for that matter, affects the body. Blood and “energy” are shunted to the skeletal muscles so that a threat, real or perceived, can be addressed by “fight or flight.” Blood and energy are reduced in the core of the body, which naturally reduces reproductive potential. If you are being chased by a bear, real or imagined, conception is not a high priority.

The same concept applies to sustaining a pregnancy once one occurs. The subconscious intellect that is running the body doesn’t know the difference between a real bear and an imaginary bear. Realizing that how you think can support or sabotage you gives you the ability to make a choice. Choose wisely and you increase your probability of success. As a coach, I show you how to work with the intelligence that is running your body. You can’t control it. But you can influence it.

How many times have you heard about a couple that tried for years to have a child, finally gave up, and adopted? What frequently happens? A pregnancy, of course. Where was the barrier?

I find it to be very gratifying to help couples realize the dream of having a healthy child by learning how to work in harmony with nature. — Dr. Robert Sones

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Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique for self-directed health and healing

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, or B.E.S.T., is an advanced mind/body therapy. All body systems—reproductive, immune, cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive, nervous, etc.—are synchronized.

This allows normal processes, like conception, to proceed naturally. Conception, like healing, cannot be forced. B.E.S.T. works with nature, addressing the physical, mental, and emotional barriers to conception.

It is my experience that the anxiety or fear of being unable to conceive can be the greatest barrier to conception. Using B.E.S.T., we are able to neutralize anxiety and thereby control the stress hormones that can impede conception. Learning to cultivate a strong positive emotional state is essential for conception to occur. – Dr. Robert Sones

What Our Patients Say

From Jill:

At the not so ideal age of 38, I began trying to get pregnant. My husband is 7 years older, so between the two of us, the odds of having children were not exactly in our favor. I thought that I may have missed my opportunity to have children, which was very sad and stressful.

At the time, I had been seeing Dr. Sones for back pain relief and asked if he could help with infertility. Two months later I became pregnant and nine months later gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy.

I visited Dr. Sones throughout my pregnancy and knew that his treatments can be credited for my very healthy pregnancy. I am so very grateful for the B.E.S.T. technique and Dr. Sones’ help and encouragement

From Tracy Collins:

Dr. Sones is a true healer. He empowers you to allow your body to be the perfect machine it was meant to be. He helps you to accept that you truly deserve to feel well and receive all the gifts that life has to offer.

With B.E.S.T. therapy, he helped me heal in a matter of weeks from a chronic neck problem that I had for over a decade, and he helped me get through the emotions of an unsuccessful pregnancy as well as the subsequent conception and birth of my son.

From Kimberly A. Kelly:

When I first visited Dr. Robert Sones, I was 40 years old. My husband was 50, and our daughter was two. My age, a history of endometriosis, and my husband’s age all pointed to reduced fertility. Dr. John Mathias, who successfully treated me for pain from endometriosis, referred me to Dr. Sones, believing that B.E.S.T. would be helpful in trying to conceive our second child.

At the time, I did not feel anxious about being able to conceive or think of myself as infertile, but Dr. Sones has explained that the subconscious could be distracted and placing a very low priority on conception. I saw Dr. Sones for one B.E.S.T. session, and my calendar and due date show I conceived two to three days after B.E.S.T! My husband and I feel very blessed!

From Daniella Bianchi-Laubsch:

I started seeing Dr. Sones for help with ulcerative colitis that was not responsive to medication and other treatments. In May, my husband and I began trying to start a family. We were able to get pregnant right away. On June 1st, also my 30th birthday, I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks of pregnancy. Instead of becoming seriously depressed, I began seeing Dr. Sones more frequently, and he worked with me to get through the miscarriage with a positive outlook. Through the treatments with Dr. Sones, we were able to identify things that were preventing me from having a healthy pregnancy and to eliminate them from my thought process. I was able to realize that things happen for a reason and that I needed to change the way I thought about things so that I could live a healthier life.

After waiting the month required by my obstetrician, my husband and I were able to become pregnant again in July. I continued to see Dr. Sones throughout my pregnancy.

After 32 weeks of a very easy pregnancy, I began to develop pre-eclampsia. Dr. Sones worked with me to help me keep my blood pressure just low enough that I was able to make it to week 35 before it developed into toxemia and I had to have the baby early for my own health. This allowed my baby to finish developing completely and we were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl, five weeks early. Dr. Sones helped me recover from the C-section and toxemia; he also worked with me on my anxiety over being a new mom, allowing these first weeks with our daughter to be absolutely wonderful for all of us.