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As a mind-body wellness coach with over twenty years of experience, I help individuals learn to grieve in a healthy way.

The goal is to change how one reflects on the memory of a loved one, be it a family member, a friend, or even a beloved pet. No one gets through life without emotional trauma, but few of us understand how unresolved grief can affect one’s health. Strong emotions, positive or negative, have an effect at the cellular level and influence all of our body systems. Positive thoughts have positive effects and negative ones have negative effects. Grief over loss of a loved one and the “broken heart” one experiences can lead to preventable health challenges.

My Grief Release procedure effectively changes any negative memory pattern that was established in the subconscious mind at the time of the loss. The result is a memory that resonates with love and appreciation rather than pain and loss. This is when the broken heart begins to heal.

I was struggling with grief after my father died. It surprised me, because I had been living away from home for nearly thirty years. I loved my dad dearly, but I only saw him once or twice a year. Dr. Sones gave me a “grief release” adjustment. I was surprised once again at how much relief I felt! I then was able to process my grief appropriately but quickly. – Donna Mosher