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About Dr. Sones

Robert Sones, D.C.

Master Diplomate, B.E.S.T.

Spring Texas Chiropractic Care


The body has an innate inner wisdom. We work with the mind-body connection, recognizing that you are more than a physical body. You are also a mind and a spirit. Some call this care holistic healthcare… alternative healthcare… complementary healthcare.

Dr. Robert Sones helps you access your body’s innate inner wisdom and fine-tune its functions to improve your health. We see all conditions as effects with specific causes. We work WITH YOU to strengthen the body’s performance and direct it toward health and wellness. Whether you are suffering from an acute pain, a chronic illness, a common backache, or just don’t feel as good as you would like, we can help you return to wellness. Health is more than an absence of disease. It is a sense of inner joy, peace, and well being.

Physicians are trained to diagnose and treat disease.

I am concerned with and trained to address the cause to impact healing.

My treatments complement the care of your doctor, improving your overall good health and increasing your chance for a full recovery.

– Dr. Robert Sones

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique for Self-directed Health and Healing

Dr. Robert Sones is one of hundreds of chiropractors using B.E.S.T. to help restore the health of adults and children alike. He has been in practice since 1987.

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