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ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance

This website has been designed to be accessible to our clients with disabilities.

Accessibility Features of this Web Site

1. Accessibility Plug-in. Our site features a special accessibility plugin to enable users to adjust font size, contrast, font readability, link accessibility, background color, and more.

2. Consistent navigation. Consistency is maintained with a primary navigation menu on the top of each page. Navigation may be accessed by way of tabbing through the site without the use of a mouse.

3. Relative Font Sizes. Unlike fixed-sized fonts, percentage fonts automatically adjust relative to their context. For example, if a user chooses to view entire page at a magnified level, each font percentage will adjust proportionately. The user may adjust the font size for improved readability through the plug-in at the upper right corner.

4. Contrast Functionality. The user may adjust the contrast for improved readability through the plug-in at the upper right corner.

5. Alt Tags. Graphics have a text description (called Alt Tag) accessible to assistive software.

6. Captions on Videos. All videos link to our YouTube channel. This channel provides captions to facilitate those with hearing impairments. It also provides a transcript of the video recordings. Access the videos directly by click here.

7. Forms page. Our forms are provided in a PDF format. We are happy to help you complete these when you come to our office.

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