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Realize Your Maximum Potential

Do you experience a block in performing your best at a sport, a hobby, your education, or your career? What could you achieve if only you eliminated doubt? Peak performance can only be realized when there is total congruence of belief at two levels of mind: conscious and, most important, SUBCONSCIOUS. Mental strength enhances physical strength.

Your Belief is in Your Body

The mind creates barriers to top performance. The memory of a past negative experience reduces belief because your body, at the cell level, is running on “history” instead of the present moment. The undesirable “historical” event in memory may have occurred yesterday or twenty years ago. The stress hormones associated with that experience are also stored in your sub-conscious memory, ready to re-surface when you least expect it. Not only do you lose focus, you become physically weaker. So you choke. You miss the putt. You fumble the ball. You break your form. History repeats itself because the mind and body are running on a memory. This is never appropriate — but until now it has been very difficult to overcome.

Now There is a Solution

Expressing maximum potential with confidence and focus requires total integration and synchronization at three levels of being: physical, mental, and emotional. This applies to any activity, such as a sport, a speech, an examination, or even a sales presentation.

After my first session with Dr. Sones, I played some of the best golf in a while. I made my third hole in one on #3 at the WCC Tournament Course. I feel more energized, relaxed, and at peace with myself and my abilities.

– Jonathan Dismuke

Head Coach University of Houston golf team

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Dr. Sones’s knowledge about our body/mind connection allows him to treat not only average people but also high performance athletes. He has been a blessing for me. I suffered chronic back-hip pain for more than 8 years due to all the years I played tennis at a high level.

He has taught me how to use the power of my conscious mind in a positive way to improve and balance myself as a human being and athlete. My back pain is gone! He has also helped various family members and also local and international tennis students. He is not only a professional and innovator in his field but also a great human being. Thanks, Dr. Sones!

– Jose Antonio Casares-Falconi

Owner & Head Coach – Vamos T3nnis Academy

I worked with Dr. Sones when I was training for the Boston Marathon. I had some health issues that were limiting my training so I turned to Dr. Sones in hopes that he could improve them. After our first session together I went straight to the track and was able run significantly faster than I had in a year and a half.

My coach immediately noticed and asked me what in the world I was doing. Dr. Sones continued to balance my body through out my training for the marathon and helped me to be injury- and illness-free going into the race. I couldn’t have crossed the finish line without him. Thank you, Dr. Sones!

– Catherine Kruppa

U.S. Olympic Diving Team Dietician

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Peak Performance

What the mind can conceive and BELIEVE, it can achieve if it is physically possible. Everyone has experienced the symptoms of what is known as the “Choke.” You know the feelings: anxiety, pounding heart, profuse sweating, dry mouth, “brain fog.” These symptoms ambush you when you are trying to stay calm and focused. But the harder you try not to think about an unwanted outcome, the worse it becomes. The anxiety greatly decreases your confidence, belief plummets, and the result is sub-par performance. The mental effect on performance can be anything from a “slump” to a full blown “choke.” The mind has taken an “Uh-Oh” detour. This is the opposite of being “in the Zone.”

Opening the door to “the Zone” is every athlete’s or performer’s dream. We’ll show you how to make it easier to get there.

Master Success

Most athletes know the meaning of performing “in the Zone.” The Zone can be defined as a state of mind and body in which there is total BELIEF, confidence, even certainty that performance is or will be flawless. When in the Zone, one is performing in a state of “inspiration.” Inspiration literally means “In Spirit.” Uninspired is where many perform because of lack of awareness. Winning requires a specific state of mind that can be taught.

There are many sports psychologists teaching athletes and performers how to perform better. Mental Edge Technology is different because it works directly with the subconscious intelligence that is running the body. MET updates “old tapes” or memories of past performance failures. These “old tapes” keep you stuck. MET deletes the effect of a memory so you can much more easily focus on the positive outcome you desire and more likely create it.

Breaking the Mental Barrier

On May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister ran a mile in less than four minutes. Prior to this feat, no one “believed” this was possible. Shortly afterward, many others followed suit. This is one of the best examples of the limiting effect of beliefs.

Where was the barrier? Was it physical or mental?

Accelerated Sports Injury Healing

Why do some injuries fail to heal in a timely manner? It is my experience that many extremity injuries, such as knee, ankle, or shoulder sprain or strain, often have an underlying “energy” imbalance that is at the root of the problem. I estimate that approximately 30% of patients complaining of pre or post surgery joint pain, that has not resolved as expected, are thusly affected. To relieve the pain and resolve the condition, the opposite extremity must be addressed. It is an acupuncture principle that too much, or excessive energy, is associated with inflammation and pain. If there is too much energy in a painful right knee, for example, there is often a deficiency in the left knee. Patients are often amazed that by addressing interference in the pain free joint, relief is achieved in the painful joint.

Why? The physiology of a trauma can be stored in “memory” at the cellular level. There is a neurological pathway in the brain that holds the energy pattern of trauma in memory. For instance, you are an athlete hoping for a scholarship and you injure your knee. The anxiety that your injury will affect your college plans goes into memory and locks in the energy pattern of the trauma at the cell or tissue level. This is another example of the mind-body connection that is poorly understood or addressed in regards to healing. This also explains, in my opinion, why many professional athletes keep re-injuring themselves, as the underlying energy imbalance has never been addressed.

Rodney’s Story

When I first began formulating the concepts behind Mental Edge Technology and how working with the mind at this level could increase performance, I did an experiment with a power lifter named Rodney. He was 19 years old, and he competed at the state level in power lifting competitions. On our first meeting, I asked him about his current maximum lift. He said he could bench-press 415 lbs …

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When asked about his goal, he said that he would like to reach 435 lbs. before a competition in about six months. I had Rodney visualize lifting 420 lbs., and then, using kinesiology muscle testing, tested his strength. He tested strong. This showed us he believed 420 lbs. was an attainable goal, not only consciously, but also subconsciously. He tested weak at 425 lbs. This meant that there was a lack of congruence or belief between his conscious and subconscious mind at 425 lbs. Doubt became a limiting factor at this level.

With MET techniques, I took Rodney from visualizing himself bench-pressing 420 lbs. to visualizing bench-pressing 465 lbs. He stayed strong with the muscle test.

Rodney reported to me that he rested his shoulder for three days, went to the gym, and bench-pressed 450 lbs.—up from his previous record of 415. My theory was confirmed. With MET, we cleared the limiting beliefs that inhibited his physical ability.

Regardless of the activity the same principles apply.

What You Focus the Mind on Expands (for better or for worse)

Controlling the mind when under pressure and the distracting thoughts it generates greatly increases peak performance.

Our Mental Edge Technology treatment procedure directly accesses the subconscious mind and neutralizes the effect of a negative memory. Mental focus is sharpened, and you execute without the mental chatter that before always ambushed you.

Dr. Sones is a chiropractor who has brought his understanding of the mind-body connection to the development of an increased performance technology for athletes and others desiring peak performance. The program combines a hands-on procedure to synchronize the mind and the body and training on how to control the mind to consciously create what you want—rather than unconsciously what you don’t.

The thoughts you allow into your consciousness can actually make you physically weak just when you need to be your strongest. Total mind and body focus is what you want when you are trying to sink a putt, hit a free throw, execute a dive, or give a speech.


One of the most important things you can do in life is to learn to control your mind. The procedure applies kinesiology muscle testing to identify subconscious memory blocks to peak performance. It is totally natural, without drugs or hypnosis. The goal is to synchronize the body at three levels: physical, mental, and emotional.

You can maximize your performance and your potential – right now.

Dr. Sones is onto something. In my opinion, he gets to the root of why we don’t perform up to our potential.

I have worked extensively with golfers of all levels. I can assure you, tension, stress, and anxiety are the most important factors in underachievement when it comes to actual on-course results. 
Dr. Sones has helped me to see that, much of the time, we tend to address the symptoms rather than the cause.

After my very first visit to Dr. Sones, I actually felt more relaxed during my round that afternoon than I had in years. My first thought of his technique was “This is brilliant!” Later, my thoughts were “This all makes sense!”

– Steve Williams

Master Teaching Professional, United States Golf Teachers Federation

When I first met Dr. Sones, I was a skeptic. However, I was in such pain with my left guitar strap shoulder and getting colds constantly that I could no longer just get by with my problems. I needed relief. Soon, not only was he addressing the physical problems I was having, but also the mental problems I was having when I performed. My left shoulder and lower back pain soon went away, and

I finally stopped getting sick all the time. As soon as we removed the interference I was dealing with for so many years, almost immediately I started singing and playing with more confidence. Dr. Sones’s Mental Edge Technology made me feel as if I could perform to 10,000 people with ease.

Also, creatively, songs just began to pour out of me. I finally felt free and uninhibited by others. My colleagues completely noticed a difference. I highly recommend Dr. Sones to anyone in a field that demands tremendous mental strain and being in the spotlight.

– Celeste Terrell

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