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I am a doctor of Internal Medicine, and subspecialty is in neurogastroenterology (motility). I perform electrogastrography and electroenterography to assist the electrical function of “the brain in the bowel” (the enteric nervous system) in the wall of the intestine.

Dr. Sones and I have cared for many patients with motility problems with excellent success. Our individual therapies complement each other, and I would strongly state that many patients are completely well with the combined approach by both of us. Food and stress are major causes of physical illness. We have seen many patients improve and become completely well through changing their diet and treating their post-traumatic stress conditions by Dr. Sones. I have personally learned a great deal about the energy field and complementary approaches to disease by work with Dr. Sones. I enjoy working with him as a partner in the practice of getting patients free of disease.

I would encourage anyone in the practice of medicine to open their minds and to consider working with Dr. Sones as a partner in getting patients well.

Should you have any questions, please accept this invitation to call me at 713-795-4843.

– John R. Mathias, M.D.

Gastrointestinal Consultants of Houston

Dr. Sones is a sincere and compassionate healer of the highest integrity. He is continually learning and practicing new techniques as our understanding of the innate powers of humans grows.

I have been a client of Dr. Sones for several years. I met him at Rice University Shepherd School of Music, where he gave a demonstration of energy techniques used to prevent and treat performance anxiety. His Mental Edge Technology helps clients to access their subconscious mind to change old energetic patterns to new, useful ones.

Since the 1960s when I first became involved in the US space program, I have been asking question about gravity and the electromagnetic field. More recently, I have been studying the biophysics of human vision and consciousness. I was very interested in a local practitioner who was using the principles of cosmic forces acting on all human beings.

He has been helpful to me for a variety of problems, and I have referred friends and colleagues to him. He has helped clients of all ages and works well with physicians and other healers. His methods are non-invasive and produce tangible and often durable results. We are fortunate to have him in the Houston area.

– Margaret Ann Goldstein, PhD

Professor of Medicine
Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Baylor College of Medicine

Life Member, Clare Hall
Center for Advanced Studies
Cambridge University

I first met Dr. Sones in 2005. Dr. Sones introduced me to an “energy” technique that has served his patients well.

His use of this procedure included some terminally ill patients, and the possibility of using it in a complementary way with standard treatments was enticing. I had been introduced to various forms of “energy medicine” and became intrigued with the technique used by Dr. Sones. Since I experience a lot of chronic pain, I asked to be treated. I received great benefit from his treatments, and I remain impressed.

The treatment I received from Dr. Sones is known as “Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique” (B.E.S.T.). With this technique, he was able to identify painful sites that were associated with strong memories of the original injury. It became quite clear that this technique “neutralizes” the detrimental effects of those memories on the body. The healing effect of B.E.S.T. is impressive and offers great promise for those suffering with post-traumatic shock.

Dr. Sones has more than 15 years’ experience with the compassionate use of B.E.S.T. Further, I find him to be honest, of high integrity, and wholeheartedly recommend him without any reservation.

Anyone interested in further details concerning Dr. Sones’s work or the technique may contact me.

– Carlton F. Hazlewood, PhD

Research Consultants International

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